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    Default On camera flash in glass chapel


    I am shooting a wedding next weekend (this will be my third wedding) and all 4 walls of the chapel are glass (roof is solid but very high). I am assuming that bouncing flash off glass will not be effective as most light will be lost. The chapel is in the shade so the probability of using flash will be high (will go for test shots this week). What is my second best option? Bounce card? I am not yet comfortable with off-camera flash but I will get there.

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    Default Re: On camera flash in glass chapel

    That is going to be difficult. The flash will always glare in the glass walls, at best use slower ss and flash not on full ETTL, rather reduced with diffucser to have fill flash effect and minimise the glary spots on the glass. Bouncing off clear glass will not work. Also try to have the wall facing you at an angle, that way the glare will not be as noticeable and not in line with your subjects. I've used the angle effect with flash to great effect on indoor aquariums . Good luck.
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