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    Question Large Photo Backdrop

    Hi there,

    I am looking for a backdrop of at least 6m(h) x 3m(w). Preferably i would like to use a paper backdrop as it gives less wrinkles and waves than fabric.

    The backdrop must be mobile as we do different events. The backdrop will be setup at the event and then removed after. If it is cheap enough we can buy a new backdrop material for every event. We have used paper up to now, but it only comes in 2.7m width. We have always joined 2 rolls together to get almost 6m wide.

    I cannot find a supplier that sells wider than 3.5m backdrops.

    Perhaps there are other solutions that we don't know of.

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Large Photo Backdrop

    Damian yes it is a challenge. Paper backdrops are great but a challenge unless a fixture in a studio. You know that as well as I do.

    I have also used fabric backdrops - but wrinkles show easily - and the Nylon ones are too shiny.

    PVC didn't work so well either -

    You can make a "fold up frame" that you can fit your fabric backdrop over - but thats another mission - the fabric either fits over - is stretched and clipped tight. Or you have stretch straps on the fabric backdrop to pull tight over the frame. The frame can be made with aluminium poles - just like those they use for crutches - with the little holes and notches so you can pull it apart and pack up for traveling. I had a huge scrim made this way - and it was not a bad design. If you feel like going to that kind of trouble.
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    Default Re: Large Photo Backdrop

    I stumbled across some fabric not long ago that makes an awesome backdrop. It's synthetic, I think, and stretches so all the wrinkles just fall away. Our local fabric shop only stocks 1.5m widths but it's easy enough to hang two pieces together.

    Can't recall what it's called though

    edit - it's called "Trilobal" and at R25 per metre it's well worth a try.

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