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    Default Canon EOS M5 vs Iphone 7

    Hi Guys

    So I'm going on holiday for a few weeks and really don't want to take my SLR

    My question is thus....

    Is there any point is buying a mirrorless like a Canon EOSM5 or should just as well take my iPhone 7

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    Default Re: Canon EOS M5 vs Iphone 7

    Well IQ wise the iPhone is far worse but more convenient. So the choice is yours, I'd never only take a phone, their image processing is very harsh, zoom in a bit and phone photos look unnatural and have painted effect, and that's at low iso, in low light the phone IQ will fall apart quickly. Whereas the M5 and one lens will be quite compact and at least for situations where you want quality IQ you have the M5 option.

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    Default Re: Canon EOS M5 vs Iphone 7

    No brainer - the EOS M5 is way past the IPhone camera in quality. The 18-150 zoom lens is handy and compact with good zoom range and quality. (I have an M5, and a cellphone camera, so know the difference)
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