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    Default how to choose a camera bag?

    hi, everybody, I'm a photograph beginner and I just got my first Canon camera.
    I'm going to buy a camera bag and I'm wondering how to choose a camera bag.
    I searched on Amazon, eBay and some shopping mall like bestek. There are mainly two styles, messenger camera bag and backpack camera bag.

    I just want a camera bag that is fashion and of course durable, waterproof and with multiple pockets for other gears.
    Any recommendation?

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    Default Re: how to choose a camera bag?

    Mena - my experience is that one never has the right bag. I have several (as most photographers do) One for traveling - with wheels. One for walk-abouts, with shoulder straps. One for a short walks where I only need one body and one lens. And so it goes. I like one that has enough smaller pockets for things like batteries, memory cards, caps, cords and cables. And of course my bigger bag must be able to accommodate my chargers and laptop. A bag that just hangs over your shoulder (and yes I have one of those too) might look nice - but is a killer on the back. As many photographers - as many opinions and bags
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    Default Re: how to choose a camera bag?

    I prefer a backpack type bag for light travel with gear typically what you describe. But don't buy a bag that will just take the gear you have now, buy bigger, if you don't use the space now its handy to have for stuff like weather gear, sunscreen lotion, bottle of water (properly tightened) etc. Later will up with flash or extra lens etc. A Slingbag over one shoulder seems like a good idea, until you've had one over your shoulder for a couple of hours when out on a street walk or nature trial. The cramps in your neck and shoulder will remind a backpack next time.
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    Default Re: how to choose a camera bag?

    Go for a modular system similar to the "think tank" belt system. The belt and harness system is great for carrying extra lenses when hiking. The system is designed for quick and easy access to your equipment. Back packs are great but a pain to remove and do a quick lens or battery change.

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