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    Default Raw Shooter essentials

    I am shooting with a Canon 5D (no Mark, as in the original) and only take photos for my personal use. I don't have any interest or inclination to do any manipulation beyond the basics that can be done when processing from RAW.

    I use Raw Shooter essentials which was available around 2006 - I downloaded it and kept it (a .exe file) on a memory stick and installed it on whatever new computer I got. I am pretty sure I put a back up of it on my hard drive, but now I can't find the memory stick or the back up of it.

    Its really simple software, but is easy to use and does everything I need/want.

    It looks like its available here

    I am suspicious about these sorts of websites and hesitant to download stuff from them. Are these sites safe?

    Or does anyone know where/how I can get it now?

    I think Pixmantec that made the software was bought by Adobe in about 2006/07.

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    Default Re: Raw Shooter essentials

    I use MAC so I dont know if this link works- but perhaps check here on their own website?
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    Default Re: Raw Shooter essentials

    CNET is usually safe site for downloads. Ditto try the original site too, if the links are still active.
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    Default Re: Raw Shooter essentials

    Why not use DPP? It's free.

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