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    Default Video Help needed

    Hi guys,

    hope you all well.

    I was wondering if you guys can please assist me. I'm looking to do a video like this for one of my clients but I don't have any video gear and would love for you to recommend a video camera to get.

    Im looking to do the interview section as well as the wildlife shooting aspect of the video.

    I was looking at the Canon AX350?

    Would love to hear what gear you would recommend to get a similar output in terms of quality etc.

    Please bear in mind im a wildlife photographer and have not done that much video.

    Thanks guys and look forward to your replies.

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    Default Re: Video Help needed

    Massimo I am not a video shoot either. But last year I had Mark Wallace of Adorama TV with me for a couple of days - and he shoots video for all the Adorama TV teaching episodes he does. And he uses a Panasonic video camera which seriously did well. I am not sure which model he uses (I think an older one - not the latest) but I do recall him saying that it is unbelievably easy to work and really produces what he needs it do to. So perhaps look into that option as well.
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