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    Default The Man on a Bike

    Mark Wallace (the dude from AdoramaTV & Creative Live) spend 2 weeks + in Cape Town and I spend 5 days with him, making videos for Adorama - so ya - I am a video maker now but don't stress - I wont give up my day job just yet -

    These two videos was made at my place - one in studio - and one outside on my deck. I did the video by hand (yes I know it's shaky - hence not giving up my day job...)

    For those interested - it's the two most recent videos here -

    3 more videos to follow which I shot a lot of the footage - all for Adorama - and that was done at a Game Reserve. I haven't seen the edited versions yet... I was interviewed also - but if I look like a dork - I am NOT sharing the link (and the probability exists!)

    At the game reserve - he was mock charged by a Lioness - and the brother nearly had to change pants.
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    Mark is on a world tour on his Bike (BMW 1200) - been on the road for 3 years already - probably another 2 to go.
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    Default Re: The Man on a Bike

    wow 5 years on a bike? it's amazing
    good luck Marc

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