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Thread: New tripod?

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    Default New tripod?

    I am looking for a good budget tripod. I have a canon t3i with a tokina 11-16 wide angle lens. I like to take landscape and star photos. I also like to setup low against the ground. Any recommendations on a good but cheaper tripod?

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    Default Re: New tripod?

    it is really difficult to suggest anything to you since most of us are in SA - and it would be better if you search B&H in New York or similar for info.
    Prices are vastly different and what we might think is expensive - might be affordable in the States.
    sorry I couldnt help much
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    Default Re: New tripod?

    Maybe give an idea of your budget. Many brands available in USA are not available or are sold under different brand names here.

    Your Rebel is quite a light camera so a Manfrotto 190 Pro or 055 Pro series tripod with a decent ball head would meet all your requirements. Alu versions are much less costly than carbon. Equivalent Gitzo models are excellent too.

    Cheaper than these will eventually frustrate you.
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